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If we don’t have today what you want we will by tomorrow.*

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Since 1928, we have provided transportation for Macoupin County and the surrounding areas. We bring to you over 75 years experience in providing solutions to your transportation, mechanical, and body shop needs.

We of course have state of the art computerized equipment, certified technicians, and 24 hour parts availability. However, you can probably find most of the above in any dealership. What you won’t find in every dealership is a desire and willingness to be a benefit to you, not just ourselves.

We strive to do this in a friendly, congenial, and professional way. Believing that you really don’t care how much we know until you know how much we care. By adhering to this philosophy, we have been able to maintain and become the oldest active dealership in central Illinois.

We invite you to not only visit us on the web, but to visit us in person so you can benefit from our desire to help you whether it is on the lot or in the shop. A sincere invitation from all of us to all of you.